Process Improvement of SF320-4812800-G Hydrogenerator Set Guide Bush Clearance Adjustment

Rated speed: 125i/min Design output: 325. Water guide bearing: thin oil lubrication, block tile structure Water conductivity parameters: 10 water guide bearing wedge plate slope: 1:20 water guide bushing single side clearance: 3.X10 ~4m~3.3K 2 Original unit guide bush clearance adjustment process When the unit cranking determines the unit axis adjustment and the unit thrust tile force adjustment, the gap adjustment of each part of the guide bush can be carried out. 21 Water guide bush gap adjustment Process water guide bush clearance adjustment should have: 1 water guide bush must be ground qualified; 2 check water guide tile, spindle shaft collar should be cleaned, shaft collar should have no high points and burrs, 3 water guide shaft tile surface coated with turbine oil .

Water guide bush gap adjustment process: +x-x+yy azimuth symmetry between the water guide shaft bearing body and the main shaft collar. 4 sets of 10t jacks are used to adjust the distance between the water guide bearing bearing body and the main shaft collar to the qualified specification. Within the bearing body measurement part 1 Introduction Longyangxia Hydropower Station is equipped with 4 sets of SF320-48/12800-G hydro-generator units, which were put into operation SF320-48A2800-G from October 1987 to June 1989. The hydro-generator set is manufactured by Dongfang Electric Machinery Factory. Its main features are: there are no thrust bearing and upper guide bearing in the generator part, no lower guide bearing; the hydraulic turbine (HLD06A-L-600) part is equipped with water guide bearing rated output: 320MW rated Rotating speed: 125i./min Upper bearing: Thin oil lubrication, block tile structure Leading parameters: 18 upper guide bearing wedge plate inclination: 1:20HLD06A-L-600 Turbine main technical parameters: design head: 122m design flow : 298m3 / s to mark the distance between the turbine shaft collar and the water bearing bearing body must ensure that the upper and lower labyrinth gaps of the turbine are evenly qualified and then add 30~35 between the water guide tile surface and the spindle shaft collar The feeler gauge and the top wire On the spindle shaft collar, at this time, the water guide bearing wedge plate is dropped and tapped, and the data a is measured, then the top wire is loosened and the water guide tile and the wedge plate are lifted off, the feeler gauge is removed, and the water guide tile and the wedge plate are adjusted according to the data a. Distance A, make a, then tighten the bolts 2 and finally hang the water guides with the adjusted clearance into their corresponding positions and tighten the corresponding bolts. The gap between the water guides is adjusted and the other 9 pieces are adjusted according to this method. The water guide bush clearance, and then remove the jack above the adjustment data a must ensure that the water guide bushing clearance is single side 3. (XKT4~ 3.3<1 (T4m range. See the 2.2 guide bush gap adjustment for the water guide tile and wedge connection form) Since the structure of the upper guide bearing is basically the same as that of the water-conducting bearing structure, it is only necessary to carefully check whether the bearing insulation is qualified before the adjustment of the gap of the upper guide bush. The adjustment of the axial position of the upper guide bush before adjusting the clearance of the bearing bush must ensure that the air gap of the generator is within the acceptable range. Therefore, the gap adjustment process of the upper bearing bush is basically the same as the gap adjustment process of the water guide bushing. 3 The improved bushing clearance adjustment process of the unit is based on the adjustment of the water guide bushing clearance: the water guide bush gap adjustment is the same The water guide shaft position should be adjusted to the acceptable range, then the water guide bearing shell should be dropped to the corresponding position and the corresponding wedge plate should be dropped and abutted against the bearing bush to ensure that the water guide bush and the main shaft collar have zero clearance, the wedge plate and the water guide. The bearing bush clearance is zero, and then the lifting height of the wedge plate wedge plate is adjusted by the adjusting bolt 3, which is the measured a, so as to ensure that the water guiding bush and the shaft collar gap are within 1 (4m) in the operation of the unit.

The range of the wedge plate is 20, and the DC plate should be in the range of 6. 00~6.6mm. The DC is the actual lifting height a of the wedge plate (the same can be obtained when the single-side clearance of the upper bearing bush is 1.5X10-4~2.0<10-4m), the lifting height of the wedge plate should be the review of the proposed water guiding bush and the wedge plate, a 'It should be between 6. 6.60mm, then tighten the bolt 2, and finally the water guide bush and the wedge plate are lowered to the corresponding position and the corresponding bolts are tightened, and the gap between the water guide bushes is adjusted.

According to this method, adjust the clearance of the other 9 water guide bushes, and then release and remove the jack after the 10 tile gap is adjusted. At this point, the adjustment of the water guide bush gap is completed.

4 Advantages of improved adjustment process Improved process: 1 When the top wire top tile is not used and the gMIe is added between the tile surface and the shaft collar, the labor saving t/improved. The net adjustment process does not produce the problem of inaccurate gap between the water guide vanes in the middle of the tile surface and the shaft collar. The improved guide bush gap adjustment process is used in the repeated inspections of Longyangxia Power Plant after 1992. After the overhaul, the unit guide bearing runs well, and the swing degree is adjusted within the design range. The improved process is used to adjust the gap between the SF320 and the hydro-generator set guide bush to have more operational adjustment data, which can ensure the unit swing in the design range. Inside. Similarly, the structural guide bearing hydro-generator unit can also use this process (continued from page 43) to learn. The technicians go deep into the construction site and pay attention to the lithological changes during rock excavation. If there is available material, directly notify The production schedule is arranged in time, and the materials are selectively excavated and transported to the stock preparation field.

When some lithology is unclear, contact the supervision geological engineer to the site to jointly identify the lithology and minimize the loss of available materials.

4.2.3 On-site management of stacking and dumping Stacking and abandoning are strictly carried out according to design requirements, stacking and stacking to ensure smooth access, and the stacking height of each layer is less than 2m; strictly distinguishable materials and materials The super-diameter material is solved at the excavation site at any time; every 5~10<104m3 is sampled once, the particle gradation and lithology are detected on site to ensure the quality of the dam material; the squad is dispatched to manage and direct the mechanical operation and daily life. Production, construction records, and one bulldozer in each of the two markets for stratification and leveling.

5 Conclusion Through the implementation of the above series of control measures, the quality and quantity of excavated dam materials have been effectively guaranteed, and the results of on-site sampling tests meet the grading requirements.

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