Application of Oil Analyzer on Railway Diesel Locomotives

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Abstract: This article Yatai's share with you is that with the rapid development of China's railway transportation industry, higher requirements have been put forward for daily maintenance, equipment maintenance and fault diagnosis of railway diesel locomotives. Oil analyzers are used in railway diesel locomotives. The monitoring and diagnosis aspects are playing an increasingly important role.

According to relevant research data reports, more than 70% of mechanical equipment failures are caused by wear. About 1/3 to 1/2 of the energy produced in the world is consumed in friction losses. With the rapid development of modern industries, how Safeguarding the safe and stable operation of machinery and equipment, reducing failures, and reducing maintenance costs have become an urgent task. The establishment of mechanical equipment wear condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology based on scientific and reasonable lubrication technology has great social and economic benefits. Oil analysis is one of the most effective nondestructive monitoring methods.

The monitoring application of oil analyzers on railway internal combustion engines has a long history. Early oil analyzers only routinely analyzed the physicochemical indexes of lubricants used in new and in-use applications. They are very simple. With the rapid development of railways, As the railway develops to heavy-duty, high-speed, automation, and high-efficiency, the maintenance cost and downtime of diesel locomotives also increase drastically. The traditional planned maintenance methods have high maintenance costs and cannot maximize the use efficiency of locomotives. In reality, the railway system has gradually introduced advanced oil analysis instruments such as chromatography, spectroscopy, and ferrography.

The application of these instruments has been widely used in the field of fault diagnosis of internal combustion engines because of its simple operation, convenient diagnosis, high efficiency, and accurate results. However, due to the differences in the structural design, manufacturing process, and raw materials of various diesel locomotives, there are no uniform standards for the characteristic parameters of fault diagnosis for various oil analyzers. This gives oil monitoring personnel to the locomotive segment. Locomotive maintenance personnel brought great inconvenience, and also seriously affected the accuracy of fault diagnosis using oil analysis.

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