Fangyuan New Products: LQBZ400 Asphalt Cold Recycling Plant Mixing Equipment

one. Overview <br> Fangyuan Group Transportation Machinery Co., Ltd. has recently launched the new product LQBZ400 asphalt cold recycling plant mixing equipment. This product is a new product launched by Fangyuan Group based on the experience and advantages of continuous mixing equipment inherited for many years. The use of waste asphalt pavement materials and the addition of emulsified asphalt, cement, ore, etc., will form a new road base material after mixing. The equipment is mainly used for continuous mixing operations of asphalt pavement recycling mix.

Overall layout of equipment

two. The main technical parameters



Measurement method

Electronic measurement

Speed ​​mode



Double horizontal shaft forced stirring

Rated productivity

≤ 400t/h

Aggregate capacity


Cement silo capacity

100 tons

Aggregate size

≤ 60mm

Batching accuracy


± 2%


± 1%


± 1.5%

Emulsified asphalt

± 1%

Discharge height


power supply


Total power


Control form

Console centralized control

three. Structure Composition <br> The whole equipment adopts a modular structure, mainly consists of aggregate batching system, aggregate belt conveyor, secondary mixing system, powder system, emulsified asphalt supply system, water supply system, electrical control system and gas pipeline system, etc. Partly composed.
four. Process flow 1. The road milling machine performs the milling work on the road surface that needs to be repaired, and then the collected waste bituminous material is subjected to secondary crushing and screening.
2. The sieved qualified materials are loaded into the aggregate batching system and conveyed to the primary mixing system via a belt conveyor, and evenly mixed with cement, mineral powder, water, etc. according to the ratio.
3. The mixture is conveyed by a secondary aggregate belt conveyor to a secondary stirring system and fully stirred with the emulsified asphalt.
4. The evenly mixed finished product is conveyed by the finished material belt conveyor to the finished product silo and transported by the engineering vehicle to the construction site.
5. The paving machine, roller and other pavement equipment are used to paved and compact the finished materials to complete the maintenance of the road surface.
Fives. Advantages 1. A generous amount of batching hopper design to effectively reduce the loading pressure of the loader.
2. The use of two-stage stirring technology ensures a long enough mixing time, the host machine stirs at high speed, and the entire mixing process is boiling, greatly improving the homogeneity of the finished product. At the same time, a two-way belt conveyor is added above the secondary mixing machine so that the equipment can be used as a stable soil mixing station to achieve a dual-purpose machine.
3. The special design of the emulsified asphalt pipeline ensures that the emulsified asphalt is evenly sprayed on the material, effectively eliminating the phenomenon of flowers. The target flow meter is used for measurement, and the measurement accuracy can be controlled to ±1%.
4. The powder material measurement adopts the weight reduction scale technology, the measurement accuracy is high and stable, and it is not affected by factors such as the environment. The measurement accuracy can be controlled to ±1%.
5. The touch screen + PLC control technology is used to manage the whole process. It has manual and automatic production methods and can realize mutual switching. Touch screen operation is used to avoid system failures caused by using CDs to install games, inserting and extracting U-disks, etc. The use of performance is simple and easy to operate, and the stability is strong. The main electrical components are of international brands and are stable and safe to operate.
6. The overall layout of the equipment is flexible, and it can be arranged in a font or L-shape according to the user's site conditions.
six. Concluding remarks With the development of domestic highway traffic, China's high-grade highways have entered a large number of maintenance and repair periods, and the task of maintenance, repair, and reconstruction has become increasingly heavy. China's roads have gradually begun to change from the development stage of construction to the development stage of development. The cold regeneration technology can be widely used in asphalt pavement repair projects at all levels of roads and urban roads. Compared with traditional asphalt pavement repair methods, it can save a large amount of raw materials such as asphalt, sand, etc., and has obvious energy saving and emission reduction effects. The utilization rate of old pavement materials is improved, economic and social benefits are obvious, and there is a good market promotion prospect. (This article comes from Fang Yuan Group Propaganda Department Wang Xinjun clicks into the Fangyuan Group's online purchase page )
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