What does the household carbon monoxide alarm always do after it rings?

The previous article analyzed the three main reasons why household carbon monoxide alarms have been ringing. The film mainly reminds everyone what to do if the carbon monoxide alarm indicates a leak.
Simply put, carbon monoxide (CO) gas is a colorless, odorless, non-irritating, toxic gas that cannot be sensed by the five senses, and can inhibit the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. When we inhaled carbon monoxide gas, carbon monoxide enters the lungs to bind to red blood cells, causing red blood cells to lose the ability to transport oxygen, causing multiple organs in the body to be deprived of oxygen, leading to tissue damage or even death. Therefore, installing carbon monoxide alarms at home is very good. necessary.
What does the household carbon monoxide alarm always do after it rings?
So what happens when the carbon monoxide alarm sounds? Let's take a look at it:
The main function of the carbon monoxide alarm is to detect an important concentration of carbon monoxide leakage, which can effectively detect the concentration of carbon monoxide leakage. When you find a carbon monoxide alarm in your home, you should first check if someone is at risk of poisoning in your home. Be especially wary of high-risk patients in the protection of carbon monoxide. If you have babies or children at home, check for signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Infants or children are more susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning than healthy adults.
If there is a pregnant woman at home, a carbon monoxide leak occurs, even if they do not feel uncomfortable, but it will hurt the baby in their abdomen. If the pregnant woman suspects that she may inhale carbon monoxide gas, she should immediately go to the hospital for examination.
If someone in the family is at high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, special precautions are needed to prevent possible poisoning. When the carbon monoxide alarm sends out an alarm, the high-risk patient is transferred to the outside and the room is ventilated. It is worth noting that the high-risk patient can no longer enter. The residence will not be available until the source of the carbon monoxide problem is checked out and repaired to return to normal, and the indoor carbon monoxide levels return to normal.
So everyone knows? In short, once the carbon monoxide alarm sounds a warning, the family should immediately take action, leave the residence to go outside, and call the fire department for help, can not be considered false alarm and indifferent.

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