The scientific and technological innovation of traditional Chinese medicine broken wall pieces is recognized as a super-micro jet mill to play a big role

On November 25th, at the 2018 Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Awards Conference, Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical won the first prize of Science and Technology Award for “Key Technology Research and Industrial Application of Innovation and Development of Chinese Medicine Broken Pieces”. This means that the scientific and technological innovation of traditional Chinese medicine broken-wall pieces is highly recognized and will promote the better development of the Chinese medicine decoction piece industry.

It is reported that the traditional Chinese medicine broken wall pieces are the use of modern ultra-shrinking wall smashing technology to break the cell wall of the medicinal material, and then use the non-additive shaping technology to make granules of new traditional Chinese medicine pieces. The wall breaking technology can increase the utilization rate of the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine pieces to 90. More than %, and more easily digested and absorbed by the body, to play a better effect. It can be said that the appearance of broken wall pieces has greatly facilitated the way consumers take.

The industry believes that the Chinese medicine broken wall project will create great social benefits. For example, more efficient use of medicinal materials; help Chinese medicine standardization breakthrough; break the original market structure; help industry supervision and application level.

According to the report of the project of Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical, in terms of assisting the breakthrough of standardization of traditional Chinese medicine, its scientific and technological innovation is mainly reflected in: the broken wall pieces greatly improve the effectiveness, safety, stability and controllability of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces; the broken wall pieces fully guarantee The efficacy of the product has significantly improved the service capacity and market competitiveness of Chinese medicine; the technological innovation of broken wall pieces is conducive to the modernization and international development of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces.

In addition, in terms of safe and efficient use of traditional Chinese medicine resources, Broken Pieces has three major advantages: First, the use of ultra-fine airflow pulverization technology can effectively control exogenous safety; Second, the absorption and utilization rate of active ingredients of products can be greatly improved. Save valuable precious Chinese medicine resources; Third, innovative technologies effectively promote the sustainable development of Chinese medicine industry.

Among them, the ultra-fine airflow pulverizer plays a huge role in the process of breaking the wall. It is reported that the principle of breaking the wall of the ultra-fine jet mill is that the material is first brought into the mechanical crushing zone by the compressed air through the feeding injector, and is sheared by the high-speed rotating grinding blade. The crushed material is affected by the particle size of the pellet. The gravity and centrifugal force are also different, and the fine powder particles are carried by the air jet sprayed from the nozzle installed at the bottom of the crusher into the airflow crushing zone at the upper part of the mechanical crushing zone, and the supersonic airflow in which the material rotates at a high speed in the crushing zone is The media collide with each other and the friction reaches the goal of superfine pulverization.

It is understood that the current ultra-fine airflow pulverizers on the market are diverse and highly competitive. Some pulverizer manufacturers have chosen to improve on the basis of the original jet mill to improve their competitiveness. The ultra-fine jet mill developed by the company has a mechanical superfine pulverizer and a flat jet mill, which is more compact than the original. Some jet mills are finer.

At present, in addition to the breaking of Chinese herbal medicines, the application of ultra-fine jet mills is almost in the fine processing industry, such as medicine, food, chemical, etc., and has a special position in many specific powder fields.

The industry said that the role of ultra-fine jet mill in the production of traditional Chinese medicine broken wall pieces is trustworthy. However, with the advocacy of China's energy conservation and environmental protection concept, in the future, the ultra-fine pulverizer equipment that can save the existing energy consumption and environmental protection will be more welcomed by the market, and help the Chinese medicine broken wall production industry to develop better.

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