Thailand's severe flood production pump valve help Thailand "flooding"

Recently, the Yonghe County Haihe Pump Plant is working overtime to produce high-performance sewage pumps. This batch of products will be sent to Thailand to solve the flood disaster in Thailand.

Since July, Thailand has suffered the worst flooding in half a century, and the country’s demand for water pumps has risen sharply. Li Yongdao, general manager of the Haihe Pump Plant, said that the Thai government had found this efficient drain valve through the company’s online sales platform a few days ago and immediately placed an order.

It is understood that Haihe Water Pump Factory, located in Tangtou Industrial Park, specializes in large-bore non-clogging self-priming sewage pumps for municipal drainage and sewage disposal. Li Yongdao told reporters that the Thai government procurement delegation has already purchased three batches of high-performance sewage pumps with a total of more than 3 million yuan. The first and second batch of pump valves have been sent to Thailand. At present, some of the pump valves have begun flood relief work.

“When the Thai Government Procurement Team came over that day, the company happened to have a batch of pumps that were already well done. We introduced him to the performance and they immediately asked for the goods.” Li Yongdao said that taking into account the situation in Thailand, try to put the pump first. To adjust to Thai customers, hoping to reduce floods as soon as possible.

At present, most pump companies in Wenzhou produce industrial pumps and chemical pumps. Only a few companies produce pump products. The Haihe Pump Plant's high-performance sewage pump that was sent to Thailand this time can drain 600 tons in one hour. It was jointly developed by the Haihe Pump Factory and the Provincial Electromechanical Design and Research Institute.

The test results of the Zhejiang Pump Valve Testing Center show that the technology of this product is far ahead of the market. In order to further increase the added value of products, Haihe Pump Factory purchases diesel engines from the giants of the two major international diesel engine brands: Pitt and Deutz of Germany. It is equipped with a high-performance self-priming sewage pump of the plant and is equipped with trailers. The sale increases the added value of the product by 30%-40%.

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