Dajinlong brings two high-performance passenger cars to participate in the European Bus Exhibition

Recently, the biennial BUSWORLD Kortrijk was opened in Belgium. Chinese bus manufacturer Dai Jinlong officially released three new low floor bus XMQ6120AGD and luxury long-distance bus XMQ6129Y.

The biennial BUSWORLD Kortrijk can be said to be the vane of the world bus development trend. This exhibition connects the global bus manufacturing and application industries, so that bus manufacturers, parts suppliers and bus users have the opportunity to fully understand bus manufacturing and The trend of application also guides the continuous development of new technologies and new trends in passenger vehicles worldwide. For bus companies in China who are interested in expanding their overseas business, BUSWORLD Kortrijk naturally becomes an important position for companies to compete for the European and even global markets.

As the earliest Chinese bus company that started its overseas marketing business, Dai Jinlong officially entered the EU market from 2005 and participated in three consecutive BUSWORLD European exhibitions, especially winning the 'Best Coach of the Year' in 2009 at BUSWORLD Kortrijk. The Grand Prix of the Grand Prix also allows the international influence of the Grand Dragon brand to increase rapidly.

Deng Hongfei, chief operating officer of Golden Dragon Group, stated: “We believe that BUSWORLD Kortrijk is an excellent platform for Chinese bus companies to go global. It helps us to learn advanced bus technology and manufacturing experience from European advanced passenger car manufacturing companies, and it can also win in the European market. More customers and market share, this is why we exhibited for the fourth consecutive time."

It is reported that the XMQ6120AGD and XMQ6129Y models launched by Daikinone are vehicles that follow the EU's entire vehicle model certification (WVTA) and are developed for local market characteristics. The vehicles use the most advanced and environmentally friendly technologies and materials. Provide bus operators with better operational benefits and provide passengers with a more comfortable driving experience.

XMQ6129Y is an upgraded product of XMQ6127 (the model was approved by VCA in 2005), and it is also the main product of future Daikin Dragon's tourism transportation market and long-distance passenger transport market in the European Union. Whether it is the exterior design, vehicle configuration or technical matching Compared with the XMQ6127, there have been major improvements. Therefore, the overall competitiveness has improved significantly. The XMQ6129Y has a 12.2-meter body length and a maximum seating capacity of 55 seats. It is equipped with a Cummins ISM11E5 440 high-horsepower engine and meets Euro V emission standards. It is equipped with a ZF tiptronic gearbox and provides excellent driving performance. It uses an independent front and rear suspension of ZF to match the ECAS height of WABCO. Adjust the system, equipped with CAN bus system and EBS electronic control brake system to improve ride comfort and safety; use Daikin Dragon's own research and development of engine accessory optimization design technology, body weight reduction technology, power system optimization matching technology, etc. Excellent performance in fuel economy, low noise and environmental protection; advanced human-friendly facilities such as advanced audio-visual entertainment systems, modular water dispensers and coffee machines, instrument panel refrigerators, and driver sleepers allow drivers and passengers to operate in vehicles. In the process, you can get the most warm and comfortable travel experience; the appearance of fashion and luxury, especially its "K"-shaped appearance design from the company's LOGO, has a strong brand identity.

The XMQ6120AGD is a three-door low-floor three-door bus that was developed by Daikin Dragon once for one year in Europe for the mainstream bus market. Appearance, simple and modern, in line with European aesthetic concept; equipped with Cummins ISL8.9E5280B Euro V engine, low-carbon environmental protection; configuration VOITH automatic transmission, can reduce the labor intensity of the driver, the vehicle suspension structure using ZF air suspension system ( The first two rear four airbag design structures, matching WABCO ECAS height adjustment system, greatly improve the ride comfort, but also to facilitate the elderly and children get on and off the car; full load bearing design to effectively enhance the body strength, while having the effect of reducing weight and reducing consumption Side-mounted engine, low floor of the whole car, provides passengers with a spacious interior space; the design of the three passenger doors greatly improves the passengers' efficiency of getting on and off; black panoramic glass, integrated aluminum alloy air duct, stainless steel handrails; The reasonable fitting of interior parts such as poles and smart individual seat fabrics creates a comfortable and modern interior space.

In recent years, in addition to its stable performance in traditional markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Western Europe, Daikin is also committed to the development of emerging markets, and has gradually expanded its market in North Africa, South America, Australia, and South Africa. The regional market for large and medium-sized passenger cars has reached eight, and the market for minivans has expanded from South Africa in 2008 to four in West Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. This compares favorably with other mainstream passenger car manufacturers in the country. Relying on the practice of one or two large-scale markets, Dajinlong’s overseas layout has become more balanced and reasonable, which is also an important reason why Dajinglong's export performance can quickly regain its strength compared to other manufacturers. The head of Dai Jinlong’s overseas sales department said: “The company has divided its overseas markets into a number of regions. Each region has established a marketing system and improved after-sales service guarantees. This has led to the formation of a global marketing network. The purpose of doing so is conducive to global strategy. Implementation will also help to avoid the risks caused by regional imbalances."

Although the EU market is not Daikin's largest overseas market, Zhu Guoqiang, the deputy general manager of Jinlong, believes that continuing to expand the EU market is a very important strategic measure. There are two reasons. First, the EU is the global bus industry and passenger cars. In the most developed areas of the accessory industry, the vehicle use standards are also the most stringent. Participating in competitions and biddings for EU customers and providing products and services for EU customers can promote the improvement of the company’s product technology level, craftsmanship level, and overall quality. Second, it has access to the EU market. Strong demonstration, can enhance the brand image, and have a positive effect on the market in other regions.

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