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Shuaiwei Guangzhou high-altitude vehicle rental, Guangzhou lift truck rental, Guangzhou street light car rental, Guangzhou ascending car rental, Guangzhou Yuntai car rental, Guangzhou lift car rental, holiday rental services are provided, vehicles used in high-altitude areas, industrial plants Indoor and outdoor high-rise construction, the bottom of the pedestrian bridge installation guide card, the real estate company and the advertising department to hang billboards, the bottom of the viaduct installed leaking pipes and spraying, high-altitude installation and welding of gantry, cross-mounted electronic eye, high pole lamp installation Maintenance and repair work, installation and cleaning of the exterior glass of high-rise buildings, this high-altitude operation vehicle brings good news to high-altitude construction workers, at the same time, it also provides facilities for high-altitude construction units, provides a good working platform for high-altitude operations, and leases the vehicle to reduce construction work. The work progress of the unit improves the efficiency of the work and helps each unit and individual working at heights to complete their work in advance.


The arm can rotate by 360 degree surround the principal axis, the same as another rotating arm in hand. It is powered by vacuum compressed air. This model of manipulator is applied widely as its handiness, easy extension and low cost of system configuration.

Up till now, we have developed many new systems like Palletizer, strapper, paper corner applicator and carton sealer, etc. We are already ready to serve you with our best.

Suspension type manipulator have fixed model and rail-mounted type
Top-fixed mode can be available when not convenient for floor installation
By adopting top-rail mounting, the working scope is immensely widen and multi-station shares the same device.
Guide rail and travel system has a variety of forms of specifications to choose from.

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