The electronic balance should pay attention to the following matters in daily use

Electronic balances are now widely used. They are widely used in institutions of higher learning, institutes, and manufacturing companies. Electronic balances are precision instruments. Daily maintenance and maintenance work must be done to ensure that electronic balances maintain a good working condition for a long time. The electronic balance should pay attention to the following matters in daily use:

1. Position of the electronic balance: Place the electrons on a stable and stable horizontal work bench, and avoid steaming around to avoid vibration and direct sunlight.

2. Before using the electronic balance, adjust the bubble of the spirit level to the middle position.

3. When the position of the electronic balance changes and the ambient temperature and humidity have significant changes, the electronic balance must be calibrated to ensure that the electronic balance is in good condition.

4. When using electronic balances to weigh volatile and corrosive articles, place the articles in a closed container to prevent corrosion damage to the electronic balance.

5, the electronic scale balance pan and shell cleaning can be gently wiped with a soft cloth, prohibit the use of strong solvent scrub.

6. If the electronic balance is found to be faulty, it must be repaired as soon as possible.

7, do not overload the weighing, easy to damage the electronic balance sensor.

In order to obtain more accurate weighing results, the following aspects should also be noted:

1. The balance is adjusted before daily use, especially when there is obvious temperature change in the surrounding environment;

2. To calibrate the electronic balance, it is recommended to use the internal automatic calibration function;

3, do not put the balance on the air convection larger position, such as the door, window and other locations;

4, balance away from heat, such as indoor heating, heaters and laboratory equipment with heating functions.

5. It is best to use a professional balance bench or weighing table;

6, in order to avoid static electricity interference, it is best to use static eliminator to eliminate the impact of static electricity.


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