CAS is committed to lithium battery cathode material research and progress

In today's society, lithium batteries are necessary power sources for mobile electronic devices. They consist of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a separator, an electrolyte and the like, and their key performance indicators are determined by the electrochemical performance of the positive electrode material. LiFePO4 is recognized as a positive electrode material, in order to improve its electrochemical properties, long-term commitment to shorten the lithium ion diffusion distance, that is, to reduce the size of the direction.

Recent studies have shown that the electrode consists of a large number of particles, and its electrochemical performance depends mainly on the proportion of the total number of particles participating in the electrochemical reaction during charging and discharging. Therefore, how to obtain LiFePO4 with a high ratio of activated particles is a key issue in the research of cathode materials.

In response to this problem, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang Institute of Materials Science National Laboratory of high performance ceramic materials Wang Xiaohui research group based on previous studies, through the creation of extreme water shortage of the acidic synthesis environment, the first time in the world to prepare a super-12nm Thin nanosheets. The work provides a new method and perspective for further improving the lithium rate performance of the lithium battery, ie not only can shorten the diffusion distance of the lithium ions by reducing the size of the direction, but also can increase the number of activated particles of the lithium battery by regulating the size of the direction Proportions to improve lithium battery capacity ratio.

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