School bus safety monitoring system (analysis)

School bus safety monitoring system (analysis)

Frequent school bus accidents have caused widespread public concern about “ school bus safety. ” According to related statistics, nearly 30,000 students are killed every year due to traffic accidents in China. In this regard, the relevant departments to step up the development of "the school bus safety regulations ( draft )" and the implementation details, from the management, operations, responsibilities, funding to ensure the safety of school buses.

A series of school bus accidents took place. Measures were taken to ensure the safety of school buses. Units and schools at all levels used different methods to eliminate hidden dangers. Schools purchased advanced school buses to strengthen school bus safety. They strengthened the school bus driver's access review, but they did not have safe driving. Protection mainly reflects:

First, the driver's driving behavior norms. Drivers' safe driving is the key to guaranteeing the safety of school buses. Most safety accidents are caused by non-standard driving behaviors such as speeding and overloading of drivers.

Second, student travel safety protection. Check the number of students on board to ensure that the students are seated safely. After confirming that the doors are closed, the driver can be instructed to start the school buses; the students are prevented from leaving the seats during the school bus and other dangerous behaviors; verify that the number of students getting off is not allowed to be independent of the students. People get on the bus.

Therefore, school bus safety should be solved not only by simple school bus replacement, but also by simply positioning the GPS navigation locator on the school bus to locate the vehicle, and more importantly, to conduct real-time monitoring of the driver's behavior and to restrict the driver's behavior. Drive according to regulations; monitor student safety in real time to ensure safety when students get on and off the car and on the road. At the same time, the competent department must be able to accurately and accurately monitor and monitor the safe operation of the school bus. The abnormal driving behavior can be dealt with promptly so that the parents of the students can understand the student’s car situation and the parents can rest assured.

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