Hitachi Construction Machinery ZX360H-3 heavy-duty excavator BE model debut

Hitachi Construction Machinery has been very popular in the market since it launched the ZX-3 H series hydraulic excavator in China. The ZX360H-3 launched in November 2007 is well received by customers. In order to meet the requirements of customers for larger workloads and low operating costs, Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) will launch the ZX360H-3 BE model to the market in March 2009.
Heavy-duty mine BE model, improve and strengthen the standard configuration, further increase the workload, more suitable for harsh and harsh mining operating environment, to meet the requirements of the majority of mine customers.
Machine features:
1) Rock Bucket: Increased bucket capacity with additional wear plate at the bottom to fully meet the demanding requirements of harsh operating conditions ZX360H -3 BE model 1.8 cubic meter rock bucket 2) BE type stick: equipped with 4 wear resistant reinforcements The ribs effectively improve the wear resistance of the stick during heavy load excavation. 3) The digging force of the stick: The ZX360H-3 BE model is greatly increased from the standard type of the ZX360H-3 (from 176KN to 211KN).
In addition, the lower cab guard net, the slewing platform crash guard, and the thickened canopy have effectively increased the strength of the platform frame and improved the machine protection capabilities. In addition, in order to facilitate the installation of the breaker, the front working device is also provided with a screw seat for the breaker pipe.
The ZX-3 series H type BE model excavator is an excavator with an increased bucket capacity, improved digging force of the bucket, and superior durability, which can adapt to a variety of harsh and harsh mining environments.
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