Continental Horse Tire won Fast Car Award

Hannover, April 2009 - The British ContiSportContact 3, which was ranked first by the UK's top car magazine "Fast Car", was awarded the "Best for Safety" championship.

The Fast Car Awards honor the best of the best in the conversion industry and publish the most inspiring essential products. This award highlights the outstanding performance, high quality, innovation, satisfaction and value of Horse Brand Tires. These awards were regarded as authoritative in the field of modification, and provided convertible fans with confidence in their future purchases.

The magazine's commentary is "German brand tires are synonymous with safety, and they perform well in moist seasonal conditions. The German ContiSportContact 3 tyres provide excellent handling for high-performance sports cars. We love German horse tyres very much. ”

"The ContiSportContact 3 is not the first time we win the award. We are very pleased to add this coveted Fast Car Award to the winning prize. Safety is always the focus of attention when designing the tyres, so it is an honor to have it." said Scott Benbow, product manager of the German horse brand. Can win big prizes in security."

Fact Car also mentioned: "The Fast Car Awards are used to recognize companies that continue to invest in higher-performance products that deliver quality and value to consumers. We are pleased to see the Continental Group happy with their awards; they do Names are true."

The ContiSportContact 3 is ideal for drivers who want a product with perfect performance and the highest level of safety. In terms of safety, the use of a soft third-generation silica formulation can provide excellent wet road braking performance. This tyre has an asymmetrical tread pattern and a high proportion of blocks on the outer shoulder to ensure optimal handling.

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