Analysis and treatment of sludge drying by drying equipment

Sludge used in most industrial or regional constructions must be dried. The preventive maintenance and metrological verification of the dry detection system is an indispensable part of the automatic sludge drying equipment.

According to Emerson Process Management Inc., an In-Situ oxygen detector manufactured by Rosemount Analytical was installed in the Daldowie sludge treatment plant near Glasgow. In order to accurately monitor and transfer data of monitored data and equipment, digital PlanWeb process equipment management software was used. This is an integral part of their entire new technology strategy "Sconttish Water"; its purpose is to recover the sludge economically and efficiently, and make full use of the recycled water resources after the sewage treatment. This also complies with the relevant regulations and requirements in the EU legislation to minimize the discharge of silt into lakes and rivers.

The sludge working equipment has an important safety requirement during the working process: To prevent explosion hazards, the dust content in the equipment working environment and in the air must not exceed a certain limit. In order to meet stringent testing requirements, the most advanced World Class 3000 oxygen meter produced by Rosemount Analytical is used. Use this high-precision detector to ensure the safe and proper operation of the sludge working equipment.

The Daldwie Sludge Drying Plant is responsible for the drying of all silt in the Glasgow area. With more than 1 million inhabitants living in the area, the Daldwie Silt Treatment Plant can use sludge to produce approximately 65,000 tons of combustible energy every year. This granular, artificial fuel produced from sludge raw materials has the calorific value equivalent to brown coal; it can be used by local thermal power plants for power generation. The World Class 3000 Oxygen Meter is a serialized product that has a variety of operational adaptability and can be selected based on structural form and power size. The instrument has a high self-protection capability and can work in environments with heavy dirt, dust, and large moisture. Some of the specifications and varieties also have a certain ability to resist moisture and can be used in the aqueous sludge of drying equipment.

Most oxygen measuring instruments are used to detect the optimization of the combustion gases. In this case, the oxygen detector used has a measuring range of 0 to 21% by volume and has three alarms, which can be set in advance. Oxygen concentration alarm signal issued in a timely manner.

PlanWeb technology is a measurement monitoring and detection power data display technology. The data analyzer produced by Rosemount Analytical can transmit data information between various detectors through common hardware devices. The current detection and monitoring data can be judged by AMS-Suite. Intelligent instrument management can be performed in advance for preventive maintenance of equipment and instruments; instrumentation of inspection systems can be measured and appraised.


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