Hexagonal Wire Mesh Gabion Machine

Model NO.: GJ-4300
Trademark: KAIYE
Specification: SGS ISO
Origin: He Bei Anping
HS Code: 84633000

Gabion mesh machine
Gabion mesh machine is one kind of special equipment for twisting metal wire hexagonal mesh with big wire, big mesh and wide breadth.
The product has widely purpose, with its good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, serves well as strengthen, protection and temperature keeping materials in the form of mesh container, stone cage, isolation wall, boiler cover or poultry fence in construction, petroleum, chemical, breeding, garden and food processing industries.

gabion machine  is a kind equipment to make gabion mesh with twisted, big hole and wide panel. 
This series of equipment has the features of reasonable design, simple structure, smooth and steady running, good property,reliable operate,easy maintenance. And  the equipment is made up of main machine, wire tension machine,mesh coiling machine

It can weave 3.2mm wire mesh easily like normal machine weave 2.4mm wire mesh, and speed is also quickly as normal style 
4300mm Max Mesh Weaving Width Heavy Duty Hexagonal Gabion Machine for 3.2mm Wire, 22kw 
Twist Gabion Hexagonal Wire Netting Machines With Automatic Oil System

Maintenance period: one year
Specification of gabion wire mesh 
Mesh Size:60x80,80x100,100x120,120x150 
Gabion mesh width:2300mm,3300mm,4300mm.

Our machine adapts PLC frequency control after being improved.
the advantages for PLC frequency control for you . 
1,It is touch screen control.
2,It has the function of frequency control of motor speed according to different of wire diameter.
3,It has buffer function when speed increase or decrease in very short time.
4,It can count output every day or every year.
5,It can save about 30% energy.

Maximum width Maximum diameter Power of motor Knitting speed Exterior size Weight(T)
60x80 2400mm 2.8mm 15kw    165m/hour 5200*1400*2400 13.5
3300 2.8 18 6200*1400*2400 15
4300 2.8 22 7200*1400*2400 16
80x100 2400 3.2 15     200m/hour 5200*1400*2400 13.5
3300 3.2 18 6200*1400*2400 15
4300 3.2 22 7200*1400*2400 15.5
100x120 2400 3.2 15  220m/hour 5200*1400*2400 13.5
3300 3.2 18 6200*1400*2400 16
4300 3.2 22 7200*1400*2400 15.5
120x150 2400 3.2 15 230m/hour 5200*1400*2400 13.5
3300 4.0 18 6200*1400*2400 15
<4300 4.0 22 7200*1400*2400 16

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